We are excited to move forward to build this long-awaited indoor events arena at Stark County Fairgrounds & Events Park and complete Phase III of the Master Plan. Our goal is to raise $5.1M through private donations, endowments, and grants to assist Stark County Park Board in building your community indoor events arena in Dickinson, ND.

Stark County Fair Association is committed to providing recreation that makes a difference:

  • 4-H (Stark, Billings, Dunn)
  • Junior & High School Rodeo teams (Dickinson, Killdeer)
  • Children and adults with disabilities (through therapeutic riding programs)
  • Infused revenue into our businesses, stores, hotels, gas stations, and restaurants
  • Growth of our community by providing events & recreation
  • Bring a sense of inclusion to those that live & visit here
    1. Pledging an amount to be used as needed.
    2. Choosing a fundraiser event and donating there.
    3. Non-Cash financial gift such as supplies and equipment needed.
    4. Selecting Stark County Fair Association to place your future endowment or other gift type.
    5. Legacy naming of the Indoor Arena.
    6. In-kind contribution sharing your company’s talent and expertise.

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